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6 Cute Ways To Celebrate Cat Herders Day

December 15, 2022
Did you know that today, December 15th, is International Cat Herders’ Day? Yes, really! This fun awareness day was started back in the 80’s. And while it’s technically to honor anyone who has too much on their plate and/or is juggling lots of trivial tasks, there’s no reason you can’t spoil Fluffy on her special day. An Apple Valley, MN vet offers some advice on this below.


If there was one thing that allowed us to successfully herd cats, it would without a doubt be the laser pointer. (A ball of paper tossed down the hall would probably be a close second.) Fluffy just can’t help chasing after things, especially that little red dot! Playing is actually a great workout for your adorable pet, as it will benefit her both physically and mentally.

Cat Wheel

Did you know that you can get Fluffy her own exercise wheel? This is basically a kitty treadmill, and is a great way for your feisty ball of fur to work off her zoomies.


While most of us think of Fetch as Fido’s game, some kitties actually do bring toys to their humans. Many exotic breeds, such as Bengals and Siamese, are particularly prone to this. Try it out!


Don’t forget to get your feline buddy some things for the holidays! Beds are always a great gift. Your furball may enjoy toys and treats, a scratcher, a window seat, a pet fountain, or even a catwalk. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a cat tower.


This one may come in handy if your kitty is a bit too interested in your tree. Reverse cat herding is both more feasible and more practical than actual herding. To get your frisky feline to stop approaching something she shouldn’t, make a loud noise or squirt her with water. Chances are, Fluffy will hightail it out of the room.


December can be pretty crazy. Take some down time this month, and just relax. Fluffy will be more than happy to snuggle up with you as you wind down. Some kitties may make a beeline for their favorite humans’ laps. That may very well count as kitty herding! Happy Holidays from River Ridge Pet Clinic, your Apple Valley, MN animal clinic. We hope you all have a very happy, wonderful, and safe holiday season.

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