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Things Fido Is Thankful For

November 15, 2022
Thanksgiving is coming up quick! While food may be front and center with many celebrations, it’s also important to remember the reason behind the holiday: gratitude. As it turns out, Man’s Best Friend is also very appreciative. An Apple Valley, MN vet lists some of the things our canine companions are most grateful for in this article.


A comfy bed may be a small luxury, but it’s also an important one. Your four-legged friend won’t be very comfortable sleeping on the floor! (Hint: a new bed can make a great holiday gift.)


If there’s one surefire way to brighten up your furry buddy’s day, it would be a yummy treat. Just be sure to stick with safe, suitable options. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Playing isn’t just fun for Fido, though he definitely does enjoy it. Playing keeps your pooch fit and active, offers stimulation and entertainment, and prevents the dreaded Bored Doggy Blues. It’s also great for bonding. Keep your pup’s toybox full, and make time to play with him daily.

Car Rides

We know, we know: your furry best friend probably loves riding around with his nose out the window. However, Fido is much safer traveling in a crate. (Sorry, buddy.)

Veterinary Care

While your canine buddy may not be thankful for having his daily walk/nap/playtime schedule disrupted, he’ll both look and feel better with proper veterinary care. Keep up with your pup’s appointments! This will go a long way towards keeping Fido happy, healthy, and comfortable.


Does your canine pal come running to intercept a dropped piece of food before it hits the ground? Fido may not understand physics, but he is grateful for anything that helps him score extra snacks.

Belly Rubs

One of the best things about our furry pals is the fact that they are so affectionate. Fido is adorable when he is enjoying getting petted. Pay some extra attention to your pooch, and keep that tail going!


You’re the apple of your dog’s eye, and the center of his world. Fido really wants nothing more than to spend time with you! That love and loyalty is truly precious, and is definitely something that we should all be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving! Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Apple Valley, MN animal clinic, today!
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