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Kitties And Christmas Trees

December 1, 2022
The holiday season is officially here! As you prepare for the year’s seasonal events, you may find that your feline friend has a few annual traditions of her own … such as demolishing Christmas trees. An Apple Valley, MN veterinarian sheds some light on Fluffy’s favorite holiday activity in this article.

Kitty Instincts

You really can’t blame kitties for wanting to climb the tree. In the wild, cats use trees for sharpening their claws, climbing to safety, vantage points, and, of course, napping and lounging spots. For Fluffy, a tree popping up in the middle of her domain, hung with what she thinks are fun cat toys, is simply too much to resist. You may have better luck distracting your furball, or simply tiring her out. Give your feisty pet some new toys, and play with her daily.


You can make the tree less tempting for your furry buddy. The main thing is to avoid putting a lot of shiny, dangling objects within paws’ reach. Decorate the bottom of the tree sparsely, and only with safe, unbreakable ornaments. Put most of the tinsel, lights, and ornaments on the top two-thirds.


Do you have a frisky furball? You may want to take steps to reinforce the tree. One option is to secure the top of the tree to the wall or ceiling with fishing line. It won’t show, but may help keep your tree standing. It’s also important to get a good base.


Many popular seasonal plants are dangerous to cats. That includes pine trees! Needles can be choking hazards, and can also cause gastrointestinal blockages or perforations. The water may also be unsafe, as it could contain traces of toxic chemicals. If you get a real tree, cover the water bowl. Sharp and small objects, such as tinsel and ornament hooks, are also unsafe.


Don’t be surprised if you find your feline pal snoozing under the tree. After all, cats are precious gifts! Put a bed or a kitty-sized gift box under the tree. Fluffy may very well fall for this kitty trap!


We love seeing seasonal photos of our feline overlords! Here’s a tip: blur the background a bit, and get down on the floor to snap the pic from Fluffy’s eye level. Happy Holidays from River Ridge Pet Clinic, your Apple Valley, MN animal hospital. Please contact us anytime!  

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