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Fido’s Halloween Outfit

October 15, 2022
Halloween is just around the corner! Are you dressing up this year? Many of our canine patients like to get in on the fun. Fido has worn some pretty cute outfits: he’s been a hotdog, a taco, a fish, a bumblebee, a spider, and a banana, to name a few things. However, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to dressing your furry friend for the autumn holiday. Read on for some dog dressing tips from an Apple Valley, MN vet.

Doggy Opinion

Be sure to let your canine companion have a say in his outfit. If your dog seems scared or uncomfortable in clothes, just put a cute hat or bandana on him, snap a quick picture, and call it a day.


Your furry pal’s outfit should fit him comfortably, and should not be too tight or restricting. Take his measurements before buying anything. Remember to bring those numbers with you if you go shopping at a brick and mortar store!

Vision Restriction

It’s important for Fido to have a clear field of vision. Make sure that your four-legged friend’s outfit—and any wings, legs, or other pieces—won’t block his view.

Small Parts

Don’t overlook the possibility of Fido trying to eat his costume. For this reason, it’s best to avoid anything with small parts, such as buttons. These can be serious choking hazards!


You can always make your canine pal’s outfit by hand, or by altering an outfit or costume made for people. However, don’t use anything with zippers: these can catch your pup’s fur. That could be quite painful for him!


Fido already has a fur coat on, so he can quickly overheat with clothes on. Keep an eye on your pooch, and watch for signs that he is too hot. Panting is probably the first thing you’ll spot. Pups with thick fur, such as huskies, will get hot very quickly in outfits. If your pet has a heavy coat, he’ll be more comfortable with just a bandana or bow tie.


This is another reason that it’s best to stick with outfits made specifically for dogs: they’re less likely to be made of flammable material. You can find some really cute ones online and in pet stores. Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your local Apple Valley, MN animal clinic, today!

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