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It’s Black Cat Appreciation Month

October 1, 2022
October is National Black Cat Appreciation Month! Of course, we think that all of our feline friends are adorable. However, black cats struggle with bad PR.This is completely undeserved. Unfortunately, it does have a severe impact, as black cats are still considered unlucky by some. They also have a hard time getting adopted! Here, an Apple Valley, MN vet celebrates black cats.

Bad Reputation

Did you know that black cats are least likely to be adopted, and most likely to be euthanized? Even if Fluffy does get adopted, it will likely take her longer than other furballs. This is very sad, because studies show that black kitties tend to be super loving and affectionate!


This all goes back to medieval times, when black cats (and dogs) were unfairly associated with witchcraft. However, Fluffy did fare better in some places than in others. According to Scottish folklore, having a black cat show up on your doorstep means you’ve got money coming. (That alone seems like a purrfectly good reason to adopt one!) Black kitties were also considered good luck in many fishing communities.


There are 19 different breeds allow black coats. However, only one, the charming and playful Bombay, is always black.

Fun Facts

Here’s an interesting tidbit: black cats are more likely to be male than female. Fluffy usually has yellow or orange eyes. However, there are some very pretty void kitties with green, blue, or even copper eyes.


Another anomaly about black cats? They actually aren’t black! If you look at Fluffy when she’s sprawled out in her favorite sunbeam, you’ll notice that her coat is actually dark brown. If your feline pal spends time in the sun, her fur will start to lighten. You may even notice a pattern starting to emerge!

Reasons To Love Fluffy

There are some ‘pawesome’ benefits to picking a black kitty. Fluffy will go with any type of décor or outfit, and she’ll always look pretty and shiny in pictures. Speaking of pictures, you can also get some adorable void kitty photos, where only your cute pet’s eyes show. Last but not least, you can give your furry pal a cool name, like Midnight, Salem, Onyx, or, if you want to be silly, Snowball. Do you have questions about your feline friend’s health or care? Contact us, your Apple Valley, MN vet clinic!

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