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Choosing Cat Toys

August 15, 2022
Do you find a small mountain of kitty toys every time you move your couch? This is pretty common with people owned by cats. It’s always cute seeing Fluffy get excited over a new catnip mouse or wand toy! Making sure your furry buddy always has plenty of toys is actually very important. Playing is great for our feline friends, both mentally and physically. But while picking out catnip mice isn’t exactly rocket science—unless of course you’re getting a rocket-shaped toy— there are some things to consider. An Apple Valley, MN vet lists some of them in this article.


Kitties are all unique individuals, and they all have their own specific tastes in playthings. Fluffy may go crazy for catnip, while Mittens may be completely immune to its effects. And while some furballs love chasing that elusive red dot from a laser pointer, others would rather just bat a bottlecap across the kitchen floor. Try different things, and pay attention to what your furry friend likes best.


While cat toys are generally safe, there are a few concerns. Wand toys are great for interactive play, but you’ll need to put them away between play sessions. Your feline buddy could get tangled up if she tries to play with that feather toy when you’re out! Also, make sure there are no wires or sharp pieces left on Fluffy’s new toy after you take it out of the packaging.

Multiple Cats

Do you have more than one furball? Make sure there’s enough to go around! Cats can get quite annoyed and jealous with one another if they have to compete over resources. (Note: dual play sessions can be great icebreakers for kitties. Just don’t ‘play’ favorites!)


Fluffy may be super cute when she’s being playful, but she’s actually indulging deeply-ingrained predatory instincts. Your tiny lion may find it most satisfying to ‘hunt’ things that resemble the small animals she would stalk in the wild. Look for toys that resemble furred or feathered critters. Squeaky toys are also a good bet.

Hi-Tech Options

Fluffy apparently has some friends in the tech world, as there are some really cute modern toys available today. Many kitties like chasing after remote-controlled mice or automatic ‘swimming’ fish! As your Apple Valley, MN pet clinic, we’re here to help! Please contact us for all of your feline pal’s veterinary care needs.
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