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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

August 15, 2022
Have you ever had a toothache? If so, you know they can be excruciatingly painful. Dental issues are no more fun for our canine pals than they are for us. Fido can’t care for his own teeth, so it’s up to you to keep his choppers in good condition. Here, a Burnsville, MN vet lists some ways to do this.


Brushing is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your canine buddy. Of course, this is going to take some training: you don’t want to just stick a toothbrush into your pup’s mouth out of the blue. Start by just gently rubbing Fido’s teeth and gums. Give him a yummy treat after, and tell him he’s a good boy. Next, incorporate a doggy toothbrush and pet toothpaste. More treats and more praise! Once your pooch is onboard, this should only take a few minutes a day.


Water is crucial to your furry friend’s survival. It’s also very important for his oral health. Make sure Fido always has fresh, clean H2O. (Tip: your pooch may appreciate a pet fountain. Many dogs prefer running water!)

Chew Toys

Chewing not only helps keep Fido’s jaws strong, it promotes the production of saliva, which helps rinse away food particles. The key here is getting the right type of chews for your four-legged friend. For example, rawhide is okay on occasion for some pups. However, it can be dangerous for aggressive chewers. Some dogs will break off pieces, which then become choking hazards. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Veterinary Care

Fido should have his teeth checked at least once a year, starting when he’s about a year old. At home, watch for signs of doggy dental woes. These include bad breath, swelling, bleeding gums, drooling, tartar buildup, and dribbling food. You may also notice changes in your canine friend’s eating habits, such as chewing on one side of the mouth or preferring softer foods. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.

Doggy Dental Products

If Fido isn’t letting you brush his teeth, you can look into other options. Dental flakes, oral rinses, and dental-formula treats and chews can all be very helpful for removing plaque and tartar. Ask your vet for specific advice. Do you have questions about your dog’s dental health? Contact us, your Burnsville, MN animal hospital!

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