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Doggy Paw Care Tips

April 1, 2023

Does your pooch know any cute paw tricks, such as Shake or Gimme Five? Fido’s pawprints have become his unofficial icon. However, they do need some attention. An Apple Valley, MN vet offers some advice on caring for those furry feet below.


Keeping your pup’s claws trimmed is more important than you may realize. Long nails can interfere with your furry pal’s ability to gain good traction, particularly on slippery ground. That increases the risk of slips and falls, which can cause injuries, particularly in older dogs. Plus, they’re just uncomfortable! Fido may shift his weight or adjust his stride to compensate for the discomfort. That will strain his bones and joints, which can cause or contribute to problems such as arthritis. Last but not least, long nails can rip and tear, which can cause painful infections. If you’re uneasy about cutting them yourself, schedule regular trims with your vet or groomer. You may also want to consider getting clippers equipped with sensors.

Paw Pads

Your canine friend’s cute toe beans are actually pretty important: they act as shock absorbers, cushioning his bones and joints from impacts as he jumps to catch that Frisbee. They also help provide sensory information, such as vibrations from something walking nearby or the surface temperature of the ground he’s on. Those paw pads are susceptible to getting cracked or dried, however. Use paw balm or wax to keep them moist.

Chemical Exposure

In winter, your furry friend may be walking on salt, sand, and chemical de-icers. In summer, Fido can also pick up chemicals on his feet, from things like fertilizers or pesticides. It’s a good idea to wipe his paws down before you bring him in. In winter, choose pet-safe de-icing agents. Summer can also be harsh: hot tar and asphalt can cause painful burns and blisters. Dogs’ paws are particularly delicate when wet, so take extra care with your pup after he’s been swimming.


Does your canine buddy hate having his paws handled? Teach Fido he’ll get a yummy snack for handing you his feet. If you’re trying to get him used to having his nails trimmed, run the clippers over his toes, but don’t actually cut. You just want him to get used to the idea, feeling, and process.

As your Apple Valley, MN animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch care. Contact us anytime! 

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